Eating Healthier to Lose Weight

It is no surprise that eating a better diet can help you to look and feel better – after all, you are what you eat as they say!  Here is a guide to eating the right foods to see a drop in body weight.

1. Don’t cut out any food groups: you may read in various diet guides that you need to cut out carbs, or get rid of fat, or not eat meat in order to have a “healthy” life.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, you need to eat a little of all the groups.

2. Focus on low-calorie dense foods.  This means any foods which have relatively few calories compared to their weight.  For instance, cabbage has a very low-calorie density, compared to a chocolate brownie.  To eat the same number of calories in cabbage as you would a brownie, you would need to have loads and loads!

3. Look at eating more protein – this helps to keep you full, therefore you won’t need to snack or feel hungry so often.